The Wikos were a nomadic race of lupine anthropomorphs who lived in the temperate north of the supercontinent of Dheǵhom. Life for the Wikos was influenced by the migration of the shikune, which were used as their staple prey animal. As a hunter-gatherer society, the Wikos’ population was spread out in small groups based on the local flora and fauna. They were spiritualists whose belief revolved around the appeasement of spirits living within everything. Despite their apparent biological status as apex predators, the Wikos were often hunted for sport by their herbivorous neighbours, the Haousos. Wikosi society was matriarchal: each tribe possessed a Clan Mother, who was tasked with making the decision to move their tribe when they saw fit, usually following the shikune thy hunt.

Wikosi Soitos

The Wikos believe in a sophisticated spiritual concept called the ‘Living World.’ According to this belief, every object and creature possesses a spirit that must be appeased through various sutras.

Wikosi Culture

Relationships with other races


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